Setting up Ad Campaigns, Monitoring, Reporting

SavvyCare online advertising program is with you every step of the way to optimize your advertsing spend

  • Setting up campaigns with the right keywords for your organization
  • Creating compelling text and graphic ads
  • Monitoring the result
  • Adjusting the ad campaigns to further optimize results

Results Oriented Social Marketing

Create Great Customer Engagement

Being prominent in social media today is the holy grail every business and organization wants to achieve. Unfortunately, there's a lot of competition even in business-business markets. It takes being methodical and disciplined in what is said about your organization in all areas.

  • Ask for our free Consultation.
  • Select the Social Media Channels that offer the highest Return.
  • Post regularly to those social media channels
  • Track the results and adjust tactics to maximize returns

We believe that it takes understanding your business and what makes it unique. It requires reviewing what your competitors are doing and how their results compare to yours. It also takes understanding what social media sources people use when looking for your products and services; for consumer products, who are influencers; and tracking your results over time to ensure your business is getting an excellent proportion of those recommendations.