Digital Marketing and Business Strategy


Websavvy Consulting is a small firm with a wealth of experience in delivering results, generating revenues and leads. We offer website consulting services to organizations of all sizes. We offer Digital Marketing and Business Strategy services which can include:

  • Launch Products/Services – Create “Value Propositions”, webinars, videos (see Physiocue Video), entries on third-party websites
  • Develop and execute on-going multi-regional marketing activities and targeted advertising to stimulate interest in focus products or services
  • Create Sales Materials – Sales playbooks, Sales hotsheets, brochures (see 911Tracker example).
  • Conceive Sales Promotions – to motivate direct/indirect sales channels, as well as building customer interest in products/services
  • Publish Email Newsletters to customers, partners, sales, and prospective customers that have requested information about products/services.
  • Writing, editing, placement of contributed articles to create awareness of your business, to establish segment leadership, and create demand for your products/technologies

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Case Study


South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition

We have created an event reservations website for this client as well as, Social media presence, print brochures, email newsletters, Event Support (rollup banners, Awnings, logo giveaways) and a PowerPoint presentation templates

  • Developed brand positioning website.
  • Marketing collateral materials.
  • Ongoing content creation, email newsletters, event signups, and event support