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Standing Out in Search Results!

Being prominent in search engine results today is the holy grail every business and organization wants to achieve. Unfortunately, there's a lot of competition for being on page 1 of the search results. Many services will claim they can achieve that lofty goal with a few quick tricks. But, the reality is quite different. It takes being methodical and disciplined in what is said on a web page or download document.

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  • Thorough optimization to increase rank.
  • Keywords and landing page integration.

We believe that it takes understanding your business and what makes it unique. It requires reviewing what your competitors are doing and how their results compare to yours. It also takes understanding what key phrases people use when looking for your products and services; how many searches occur each month; and tracking your results over time to ensure your business is getting an fair - unfair proportion of those searches.

Our SEO Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures improved ranking in different search engines.


The first and most important step in Search Engine Optimization is finding out which key phrases are being used in searches for your products and services. Dependent on the size of your product you may be looking at a dozen keywords or hundreds.

For the typical small business or organization finding on-two dozen phrases should be more than adequate. Once you have that list in hand, see how many searches are done using those keywords or key phrases so you can focus on the ones most commonly used. We can and will guide you in that effort. Then see what your competitors are doing and how their results compare to your current ranking. This establishes a baseline for future evaluation.

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We believe that good content yields the best results. Our strategic advice will guide you in how to maximize your advantage without violating the search engines rules and/or creating stilted content.

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Because we believe in the basics and don't rely on fancy tricks or shortcuts, you will find our advice simple and easy to follow:

  • Make sure your keyword is in the web address for the page
  • Make sure the page Title and Description is short and accurate
  • Use your keywords in the paragraph headings and any sub-titles
  • Be sure to include the keyword in at least 3-5% of the text on the page

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Search Engine Optimization needs to be viewed as a process over time, not a single event that can be completed. The search engines are continually tweaking the rules by which results are selected. Likewise your competitors are reviewing, analyzing and changing their search optimization tactics. That makes tracking resulting very important.

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